Computational Thinking Lessons

Pender Island, BC, Canada

Learn computational thinking, the techniques software engineers use to solve problems and design solutions. Taught by an experienced software engineer.

No computers needed, because the the focus is on the thinking.

Hone the mental tools to achieve your goals!

Grit: Failure is progress! A computational thinker learns from it and keeps going.

Stamina: A huge problem is just a group of small problems! A computational thinker gets right to it without being intimidated.

Thoroughness: Clear, simple solutions have fewer mistakes! A computational thinker sees the problem clearly, missing nothing.

Humbleness: Account for your weaknesses! A computational thinker extends their thinking power using good mental tools and collaborating well with other people.

KidsTuesdays 4pm to 6pm in the school community room
AdultsSundays in the community hall lounge starting April 29, times vary.

$40 per student per lesson.

$140 per student for 4 consecutive lessons (a 12% discount).

If this price is a problem for you, or if you have questions, contact me.

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Lessons are self contained. The next topic is river crossing puzzles. There's a full topic list.